Key Research Centers and Provincial Research Institutes

Guangdong Provincial Research Center for Rural Economics

Research Focuses: Factors flow, structure adjustment and policy development in China's rapid rural economic transformation

Director: Prof. Xiong, Qiquan


Guangdong Provincial Research Center for Agri-business Development

(China's National Research Center for Agricultural Industry)

Research Focuses: The distinctive laws, functions and their development features of the leading enterprises during the process of the agricultural industry

Director: Prof. Luo, Biliang (ChangJiang Scholar under the Ministry of Education)


Postdoctoral Program of Agricultural and Forestry Economics & Management

Research Focuses: Agricultural and Forestry Economics & Management, Forest Economics and management, Rural Industrial and Institutional Economics, Rural Business and Finance

Director: Prof. Wan, Junyi


University Research Institutes

SCAU. Research Institute for Economics and Development

SCAU. Research Center for Forestry Economics

SCAU. Research Center for Human Resource and Development Strategy

SCAU. Research Center for Land Economics and Management

SCAU. Research Center for Food Safety and Administration

SCAU. Research Center for Rural Finance

SCAU. Electronic Business Research Center of Rural Areas


Innovative Research Team

As the first innovative research team in Agricultural and Forestry Economics & Management in China, the research team China's Rural Foundational Operation and Management Institution in South China Agricultural University was established in 2010,which was also selected as one of the ChangJiang Scholars and Innovative Research Team Development Programs of the Ministry of Education in China in the same year. The team passed a reassessment and retained its status in Oct, 2014.


The team has made great breakthrough in many aspects of agricultural economic research, such as the suitability of collective ownership of rural land, the non-substitution of farm household management system, the division of agriculture and the subdivision of property rights, the contractual nature of agricultural cooperation, the property rights of rural land, the market logic of rural land circulation, the transformation of agricultural operation mode. Also, the team has proposed the basic framework of a new type of agricultural business system and advanced the principle of the ownership of rural land should belong to the collective, the contracting rights should belong to the household, the operators should be diversified, and the land use should be controlled.

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